Amazon Cataloging & Product Listing (Everything you need to know 2023)

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Amazon Cataloging & Product Listing-sellersupport

Topics covered in this blog:

  • What is Amazon Cataloging & Product Listing?
  • What is Amazon product listing optimization?
  • Significance of Amazon product listing optimization
  • What makes a significant difference in my Amazon product listing?

What is Amazon Cataloging & Product Listing?

  • Managing a catalog of multiple products on Amazon is not an easy task as sellers usually have hundreds of SKUs to list and manage.
  • However, given the strict and exact Amazon cataloging and product listing standards, managing product data efficiently poses significant challenges.
  • Hence, the issue is further compounded due to the constant need to ensure your catalog is attractive, up-to-date, and compelling to beat the competition , improve product visibility and drive sales.
  • Amazon Product Listing is the process of adding a product and making it available on the Amazon product detail pages.
  • So, detail listed pages are the pages where the customers can browse the products and end with purchasing it.
  • As a seller, it is important to understand how to create and optimize product listings that can drive more traffic and convert better. Also, it is even more important as a seller to understand what other sellers do on Amazon marketplace.
  • Doing this will help sellers learn more visibility, identify the room for improvement and development, and unveil tricks, practices, and tools that other sellers are using to perform better.
  • Therefore, there are several methods to beat the competition in your niche, but the most crucial is Amazon Listing Optimization. 

What is Amazon product listing optimization?

  • Amazon listing optimization involves creating a customized product listing that attracts viewers, boosts conversions & ultimately increases sales.
  • Although, it is important to keep in mind that Amazon & Google are completely separate entities. Meaning, the optimization strategy you use for Amazon is ineffective for Google and vice versa.
  • As a digital marketplace, Amazon is a closed-off platform with no outside influence allowed.
  • Accordingly, the sellers have to craft a tailor-made Amazon listing optimization strategy to get their products rank in top search results.

Significance of Amazon product listing optimization

  • To build the best product listing, you should learn an essential difference between a not-well-optimized listing and the top-performing listing.
  • Hence, to get more traffic in your account and to get in top rankings, you need to analyze these things that will lead to increased sales of your products:
  1. Listing quality
  2. Keywords 
  3. Number of images 
  4. ASIN index
  5. Number of characters used in the product title
  6. The way bullet points are featured
  7. The way the product is described
  8. Number of reviews and ratings it has
  9. Whether it is Fulfilled by Amazon or not

What makes a significant difference in my product listing?

  • Amazon’s product listing can be broken down into seven different components.
  1. Product title
  2. Product images
  3. Key product features
  4. Product description
  5. Keywords
  6. Product reviews
  7. Product rating
  • Each section should lead the buyer through a process helping them decide if they should purchase your product or not.
  • Your listing should be searched friendly and ideally unique.

Optimizing each element in your Amazon listing:

Product Title-Makes All The Difference

  • Product title is the first thing that a customer takes note of while scanning through the search results.
  • For most categories, Amazon provides a limit of 250 characters to each seller for the product title.
  • A well-written & optimized Amazon product title can attract a swarm of customers to your product.

Product Images

  • Be it an offline or online market, a visual representation of the product is what drives the buying decision.
  • Amazon facilitates this experience through its media section. For more information visit How to do photography for eCommerce?

Key product features

  • This is another important element of the Amazon listing optimization strategy.
  • The key product features offer you an opportunity to showcase your products’ hallmarks. Hence, this helps you to convert your sales.

Product description

  • Product Description gives you an additional space of 2,000 characters to elaborate on your product’s features and boost your Amazon listing optimization.
  • Primarily, it should be used to demonstrate the add-on qualities that highlight your product in the group of similar products.
  • To an extent, it gives you more freedom to add keywords but being careful to keep it clear is very important.


  • At the core of your Amazon listing optimization strategy, choose the right keywords.
  • Amazon is a search engine and it uses keywords as the main parameter for ranking your product.
  • These are the very keywords that you need to work into your product title, description, and key features. For further information on how to plan keywords visit The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Keyword Research

Product reviews

  • Product reviews are very important on Amazon. Because they provide social proof that your product is of a high standard.
  • However, getting product reviews isn’t easy, especially for new sellers or new products.

Product ratings

  • Providing a high-quality product that you described accurately is the best way to gain 4 or 5-star reviews.
  • Also, Product rating gives a boost to your sales.


  • Whether you are an existing seller or a newbie looking for assistance with creating the perfect product listing page on Amazon, we can help!
  • We handle the complete catalogue service for Amazon which includes creating a database of photographs of products and linking them with appropriate content written by our expert content writers to convert visitors to buyers while giving maximum information in the most concise way.
  • Our Amazon listing optimization services include everything from curating your product pages in relevant categories to improving online organic visibility and tangible sales growth.
  • We offer Amazon product listing services to ensure you have an organized online store with maximum visibility.

The right time to get started with your business is now. Sellersupport makes it easy to understand the market, customer dynamics, and product building, to keep your Amazon sales in a supercharged model.

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