In-House Photography vs Outsourcing Photography 2023 Sellersupport July 14, 2023

In-House Photography vs Outsourcing Photography 2023

Should I have my product photography done In-house or Outsourced?

Take a moment and ask yourself how often you utilize an in-house photographer compared to outsourcing a professional photographer? As a business, you are trying to push products to a customer base, appealing to their unique senses. To accomplish this task, you require exceptional product photography. The question posed previously still reigns, however. To figure this out, ask yourself a few different questions:

How many product images do you require?

A few hundred product photographers – even up to 1000 – are simply too small of an amount to justify purchasing your equipment and handling the job in-house.

Do you require still images or 360-degree images?

360-degree images are more complex and have a higher cost associated with them. It is not worthwhile to invest when outsourcing is a viable option.

How flexible is your budget?

Product photography is a bit more expensive than many businesses initially think. A project can take a long time and cost more than you budgeted. In-house systems tend to lack the control and quality of image production software available through a professional.

Do you have the required expertise on-site?

This does not mean your nephew with a DSLR, of course. In-house expertise should include an experienced product photographer, someone good with editing software, a project manager, and IT resources for development and maintenance.

How much control are you seeking over the project?

Some companies do not even consider outsourcing as a viable option for their needs. They want total control over everything involved with a project. If this is the philosophy of your business, you may want an in-house system, which is a costly investment. If not, outsource the task to a professional who can tackle the job with ease and provide professional, clear results.

Once you figure out the answers to such questions, you may effectively break down whether in-house or outsourcing your product photography is the correct step for your company.

In-House Product Photography

If you are considering utilizing in-house product photography, be sure to understand whether your equipment and photographer are up to the task. If a said individual has never performed product photo shoots in their lifetime, the quality of the images you are seeking will certainly suffer. This, in turn, means your business and potential sales will suffer.

Next, if you require a large volume of product photography, then outsourcing is certainly the option you would like to take. A team of professionals that specialize in this form of photography will be far more organized and efficient at the task. Each product can be shot, edited, and integrated seamlessly for your business to ensure maximum effect.

Finally, the equipment plays a massive role in the world of photography. 

You require cameras, tripods, flashes, softboxes, editing software, and potentially more items to simply stage a shoot. If you intend to rent or purchase such items, insurance is a requirement. These are expensive tools that can be destroyed if used carelessly. Should you outsource, however, these expenses are not your worry to even consider. 

The photographer you hire will handle the task of acquiring any necessary equipment (if they do not own said equipment already) and setting up the stage for a successful photoshoot.


  • Quick and prioritized turnaround time.
  • 100% creative control.
  • Adopts company’s culture and vision.


  • More management.
  • Developing and training time to have the photography department execute the desired vision.
  • Unknown trial and error period.
  • Technical difficulties.
  • Staying up to date with technology.
  • Costs of equipment and resources towards a photography department.

Outsource Photography

Outsourcing your product photography includes contracting the project to a local product photographer – a professional in the field. Though service levels, in general, differ between product photographers, outsourced projects generally include:


In many cases, you may be required to deliver your products in bulk to the photographer for the photo shoot. This is because most professional product photographers have their setup already in place for such shots. Some photographers will pick up the products from your business and bring them back to their studio, however.

Image Editing

The mark of a great photographer is their skill with editing software. Taking the photograph is only one step in the professional process. The next step is utilizing editing software to ensure each image is simply astounding to behold. Little tweaks can be made post-shot.


Once the process has been completed, your products will be returned to you in a safe condition and the images you outsourced for will be delivered to you in the format you require.

Overall, while outsourcing may seem more expensive, it is not. Purchasing all the equipment and training in-house personnel to handle the project on your own is a major investment that most companies simply do not want to handle at this time. There is nothing wrong with this, of course.

If quality is what you are looking for, opt for outsourcing your product photography to a professional with their equipment, their setup, and the expertise you can make use of.


  • Turnkey
  • Fewer costs/time/energy
  • No ambiguous costs with having a photography department
  • Access to experienced photographers leading to fewer mistakes.


  • Miscommunication can occur.
  • Longer lead time.
  • Can save money in the long run if a large amount of photos is required often.

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