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Why do I need Professional Photography?

The product photography to an ecommerce store owner is like wheels to a car — a default part of the system, that keeps the rest of the vehicle on the move. It is a fundamental ingredient of an ecommerce business, so everyone uses it and the default industry standards are high.

Even consumers that appreciate the convenience of shopping online want to know as much about products as possible before they buy. In lieu of the ability to touch, smell, taste, hear, and otherwise sense a tangible product, you can offer images and descriptions. Good photography and a copy can act as stand-ins for missing senses, helping customers understand what they’re buying even though they can’t pick it up, touch it, and interact with it.

Why is this so important for you and your branding and marketing team? For one thing, it helps to convince customers that your product is the one they want to purchase. Even more importantly, it increases satisfaction when the product actually arrives, which should help to curb returns, reducing wasted time and expense, as well as consumer frustrations.

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Benefits with Sellersupport

#1 Service Provider for your eCommerce Photography for your website and online marketplaces like Amazon, Myntra, etc.

In-house studios for eCommerce

We have an in-house studio for all your eCommerce needs, from product photography to editing as per eCommerce guidelines for Amazon, myntra, etc.

Quality Check by Sellersupport

All photos are reviewed by Sellersupport eCommerce experts to check for final quality and photos are then organized before handed over to you.

Dedicated Team for eCommerce

Not all photographers are eCommerce photographers!
Meet Our Photographer
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Commercial Photographers

Photographers who are expert in accurately and attractively represents your products on Amazon

Photographers for Fashion

Fashion photographers highlight the apparel or accessories when photographing a model or a mannequin.

Professional Models for eCommerce

You get a variety of professional model portfolio to choose as your products demands

Professional Graphics Designers

Graphic designers create visual concepts to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate consumers. They develop the overall layout and production design for infographics, advertisements, brochures, magazines, websites, and social media.

Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

1. Where will the products be shooting?

Your product will be shoot at our nearest in house studios.

2. Which format do I get the photos?

You will get finished photos for eCommerce in JPEG format via email. We can also provide a catalog printing service if you want physical photos for your product packing.

3. Who should arrange the model for fashion photography?

We have a vast range of model portfolios for you. However, if you wish to shoot on your model, we can do it.

4. How much time will I get finished photos?

The time depends on your product type and quantity of work you are giving at once. However, it can take 2 days to 10 days for shooting, editing & organising all your images.

5. What are the charges?

Fees depend on various things like the type of your product, its size, type of models, type of shooting location, etc. Please contact our team for a quotation as per your needs.

6. How do I get images?

You will get photos via email, cloud sharing, by courier, etc.

7. What do you need from me for photography?

We may require basic special feature information of the product to be highlighted in the photography. In case of graphics photography, we need additional content for that.

8. Disclaimer

The fees are non-refundable. Payment terms are advance only. Products must be delivered to our studios.

Client reviews

Read our testimonials from our happy clients.
Pooja Opticals

Surat, Gujarat, India

I am satisfied with the photography of my frames and sunglasses. I asked them to remove the reflections which they did a great job in editing.
Gariba Creations

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Best photography with infographics and branding...!! highly recommended for the sellers in the home & kitchen category...!
Blatant Store

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Just give them your products and leave them to work on your branding...!! Fully satisfied... !!

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