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All you need to know about Amazon Brand Registry

If you are selling on Amazon, you may experience counterfeit issues or situations where your product content is changed by a third party seller.

Luckily, the Amazon Brand Registry provides a necessary set of tools that may help sellers avoid these issues.

Topics covered in this blog:

  • What is Amazon Brand Registry?
  • For Whom Brand Registry on Amazon is For?
  • Benefits of Amazon brand registry
  • What Else Do You Get Access to with Brand Registry?
  • Eligibility requirements for brand registry
  • Want even more protection? Enroll with Transparency 

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

  • Amazon Brand Registry is a program that helps brand owners protect their intellectual property through trademark, copyright, and patent protection.
  • In other words, the Amazon Brand Registry is an Amazon program that allows verified brand owners to have access to enhanced reporting tools and more control over their brand across Amazon.
  • In May 2017, Amazon launched a new and improved Brand Registry designed to help brand owners protect their registered trademarks and create an accurate and trusted experience for customers.

With Amazon brand registry, you can:

  • Report misuse of your trademark.
  • Report copyright violations.
  • Report patent violations.
  • “Lock” the content on the product detail pages from changes for your brand.

For Whom Brand Registry on Amazon is For?

  • As the name implies, Brand Registry is for a brand (also an Amazon Seller) that has an active registered trademark. To know more about Trademark read this What is Trademark?
  • On the other hand, if a seller is “authorized”, then the brand owner can also be granted a Brand Registry on their behalf.

Benefits of Amazon brand registry:

According to Amazon, more than 130,000 brands around the world have an Amazon brand registration, and on average, they’re finding and reporting 99% fewer suspected infringements than before the launch of Brand Registry.

Following are the benefits:

  • It helps a brand to have complete control over their product listings
  • It ensures that the information given about a product is accurate
  • It helps to increase product sales
  • It helps protect the brand
  • It enhances the brand content
  • It helps improve efficiency
  • It helps to list the products without UPCs or EANs
  • It eases the listing of products
  • It helps create different product variations
  • It eliminates bad listings
  • It comes with enhanced customer support
  • It offers guided instructions to report a potential infringement
  • It allows to search ASIN in bulk and report about any infringement much faster
  • It offers enhanced image search to match any fake logo(s) or product(s) through images
  • It makes sure that the customer reads the correct information about a brand’s product

What Else Do You Get Access to with Brand Registry?

  • Gaining access to additional programs that many sellers don’t know anything about, use the tools you have access to from Amazon Brand Registry as your secret weapon to get ahead of your competition.

1. Listing Benefits:

In addition to the ability to “lock” your content for product detail pages against changes, you also gain access to other modules in Seller Central that give your listings an advantage.

a. A+ content

You might have seen this on competitors’ listings. This is the additional area under “From The Manufacturer.”

It allows you to increase conversion rate and really highlight your brand and all of your items’ unique selling features.

b. Videos

Brand registry allows you to add videos to your Amazon listing, right there under the images.

This can be a huge boost to your conversion rate, as it allows you to really show your product in action.

c. Amazon Vine

  • With the rules about sending messages and emails to Amazon customers getting tighter and tighter, getting reviews for your products has become harder and harder.
  • Amazon Vine allows you to give products to Amazon-approved buyers in exchange for an honest review.

d. Virtual Bundles

  • This program is very new to the Amazon platform. It allows you to kit together specific ASINs to create bundles.
  • For example, if you sell a water balloon launcher as well as water balloons, you can have an additional ASIN selling the two products together.
  • The real benefit of this program is that you do not have to designate inventory specifically for this bundle. Amazon pulls from your existing stock.

2. Traffic & Advertising

Several components of Amazon Brand Registry allow you additional program access to specific marketing products on Amazon.

a. Sponsored Brands (Formerly Headline Search Ads)

  • Currently, on Seller Central, these ads appear in the form of banners at the top of search result pages.
  • As a result, they have larger screen real estate compared to sponsored products. This ad type allows for some control over the ad creative.

b. Sponsored Display

  • This ad type has even more flexibility over the creative. It is also the only ad type on Amazon that allows for the retargeting of customers.

c. Amazon Brand Store Pages

  • Amazon allows you to create a store page to showcase all your products and/or your brand story.
  • Store pages help build a more authoritative presence on Amazon.
  • In addition, they can help drive traffic for your listings and be utilized with sponsored brand ads to increase your conversion rates.

d. Amazon Live

  • Amazon Live allows brands to create live streams to showcase the benefits of their products or to interact with their clients in real-time.

3. Analytic Benefits

Amazon Brand Registry also opens up specific analytic tools in Seller Central and Vendor Central.

a. Brand Dashboard

The Brand Dashboard is a fairly new component to Seller Central that allows you to see, at a glance:

  • Potential pricing competitiveness.
  • Prime eligibility.
  • In-stock rate.
  • From this dashboard, you can also conveniently access other tools, such as Manage My Experiments, as well as manage your customer reviews.

b. Brand Analytics

  • This is a treasure trove of data that was previously unavailable to Amazon sellers.
  • Brand Analytics gives sellers insights into search terms or specific products.
  • These include the search term rank, the most clicked-on product, conversion rates, and other useful information for making informed decisions.

c. Manage My Experiments

  • This Beta feature on Amazon will allow sellers to test the effect that A+ changes can have on their product performance.

d. Amazon Attribution

  • This program allows sellers to unify their advertising measurements and analytics to track sales that come from off Amazon advertising like Facebook.

Eligibility requirements for brand registry

  • To be eligible for an Amazon Brand Registry application, your brand must have an active registered trademark in each country where you wish to enroll.
  • The trademark for your brand must be in the form of a text-based mark or an image-based mark with words, letters, or numbers.
  • Depending on where your trademark is registered, eligible trademarks can have different classifications based on their issuing trademark office.

Want even more protection?

  • Transparency is an Amazon program that offers additional security for your brand (and customers) from counterfeiters.
  • Transparency enables brands to assign a secure, unique, alphanumeric code to every product unit that a brand manufactures.
  • The information is then used to authenticate the products. Amazon looks for and scans these codes within its fulfillment centers to ensure that only authentic products are shipped out to customers.

To enroll in Transparency, you will need:

  • The ability to verify yourself as the brand owner for your products.
  • A Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), such as a UPC or EAN barcode on your products.
  • The ability to apply unique Transparency codes on every unit you manufacture.


  • Your brand is invaluable. Protecting it is essential. 
  • With Amazon Brand Registry consulting services, your company can protect your brand and your business — without waiting around for approval or spending all your time finding and reporting infringements.
  • Team Sellersupport takes care of everything for you, providing you with the peace of mind that your brand is protected on the world’s biggest ecommerce platform.

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