How to do photography for eCommerce in 2023? Sellersupport July 14, 2023

How to do photography for eCommerce in 2023?


Photography is essential to tell the story of your product creatively. Customers love products that are represented creatively. Get started with the ways you can delight customers with premium photography for eCommerce and graphics designing.

Simple Studio Product Shots

Product photography is hotter than ever, and the reason is simple. In our world of online shopping, where millions of products are sold online, there’s a great need for good, clean, product photography.

Different types of product photography will require different approaches to showcase the particular product. A bottle of perfume, for example, will require a different lighting approach than product packaging.

This is because the surfaces of the products are different. For online retailers who sell a diversity of products, speed and efficiency are necessary when it comes to creating product images that will sell the product.

This could mean that they have a studio setup that does not move. All products are shot with the same static setup. Product photo tells the shopper what the product is made of and what it looks like.

Consider as well, that in today’s retail markets, buying in a local retail store allows the shopper to hold, touch, and feel the product.

The online shopper does not have that option. A clear product image is crucial to selling that product online.

White Background Photos

The white background product shot is more common than any other background and there are several reasons for this.

The first reason is to create a ‘knockout’ of the product where it appears to be floating in the background.

A great place to look at products placed on white is Amazon. Most of their product backgrounds are white.

Fairly simple to shoot, this type of product photo appears often in online stores and product catalogs.

Using Scale to Show the Size of the Product

Creating scale is a photography approach that defines for the viewer, how big or small a product is. It allows the shopper to view how the product looks and is used. It helps them visualize how the same product might work for them.

Product Grouping

Group product images are a way to demonstrate options to the buyer. These can be a collection of women’s make-up that might include multiple variations.

Products in the group or the same product that comes in variations. A grouping is a way to depict the shape, variety, and size of the products in one product photo.

Products and Lifestyle Action Shots

‘In-context’ product photographs show the product used in a manner they were designed for. Some designers will create a catalog, or webpage, showing the product and the in-context aspect of the product in use.

This approach allows the shopper to see the product itself, and how the product looks while in use.

Lifestyle product images are similar to in-context action product photos. This guides the viewers to focus on the product only, allowing them to decide if the product is what they want.

Studio Setups

Many products are shot in the studio and the primary reason is total control. You can place your product in a position to photograph it and not be concerned with the wind blowing something over.

Or you can create a setup that will not change while you move products in and out, photographing each arrangement.

Just as important when photographing volume products, is creating a lighting setup that will require little change while you fine-tune your product to make them just right.

‘Lay-downs’ are a fairly common method for staging apparel. They work well and are a common eCommerce photography technique due to the quick setup.

The camera angle is from above looking down. It allows us to position each product as desired or overlapping as seen here. What’s lacking with the lay-down approach is the 3-dimensional appearance of the apparel itself.

Using mannequins to showcase apparel provides a more 3-dimensional appearance to the product. Mannequins come in a variety of sizes and body shapes and allow different poses to best showcase the apparel.

Small sets staged in the studio are another approach to make the product seem to be in a specific environment and this case, the outdoors.

Non-Traditional Product Images

Occasionally, there is a need for product photos that don’t showcase a product. These are set up, lit, and staged just like a product photo featuring a product, but there is no specific product in the image.

These types of product photography for eCommerce do not sell a product but rather sell an idea.

These wrapped presents represent the idea of gift or gift wrapping. There is no product specifically for sale, but stores can use this image to promote their Holiday sales and gift wrapping services.

This product photoshoot was created with the same concept, except, it represents celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

There is nothing specifically for sale in this product photo, yet this image conveys celebration. Clients can use it for anything where cake and gifts are part of the event.

Hanging Products

Like the mannequin used for apparel, you can hang some products to make them appear more 3-dimensional.

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